Why is activism important?

The world is full of distractions. Our minds have been moulded and manipulated though powerful advertising created to maximise profit. Humans are so busy and distracted by technology and social media that we rarely have the energy to question our habits and traditions, and we rarely take the time to consider the consequences of our actions. Many of us our drowning in our own distractions, ignorance and indifference, feeling unfulfilled, but not understand why. So activism is about helping people to question what they've been told and make connections more easily, and empowering them to take action upon the new discoveries they make.

how to promote veganism

Activism has many traditions and connotations. Activists are often driven from anger and frustration, which can both be a powerful motivator, but also a distraction, leading to resistance. If we act from a place of compassion, understanding and love, we can help empower others and show them the beauty of Veganism. Our goal should be to help promote freedom and kindness. By sharing art, facts and practical information, we can plant seeds and help liberate the world.