The Vegan Revolution Verses (audio book)
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55 mins - 36 Vegan poems 
& 1 unreleased song by Vegan gyp-hop band Mobius Loop ∞

A collection of verses celebrating the strange sub-culture of compassionate humans called Vegans & a verbal attack on the current unethical normality holding a better reality back. Revolting rhymes exploring the full moral compass of beauty & ugliness that comes from being an activist on the offensive for the animals.

[Parental advisory - explicit content]

Spoken by the author - Benjamin Victor Gunn

(Ebook with illustrations & photos also available - or buy together as a good combination and save £1.80 )

The perfect present for yourself or to share with a Vegan friend - and a great gift to offend any carnist associates ^_^

Discounts on demand for anyone who can prove they are a skint animal rights activist - Direct Message @vegan.revolution

The Vegan Revolution Verses | Audiobook

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