The Vegan Revolution Verses (Ebook edition)
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56 pages - 36 Vegan poems
A collection of verses celebrating the strange sub-culture of compassionate humans called Vegans & a verbal attack on the current unethical normality holding a better reality back. Revolting rhymes exploring the full moral compass of beauty & ugliness that comes from being an activist on the offensive for the animals. Includes illustrations, photos and an introduction on the importance of language in how our ideas are structured by the author - Benjamin Victor Gunn
[Parental advisory - explicit content]
(Accompanying audiobook spoken by the author with 1 unreleased song by Vegan gyp-hop band Mobius Loop also available)

The perfect present for yourself or to share with a Vegan friend - and a great gift to offend any carnist associates ^_^

Discounts on demand for anyone who can prove they are a skint animal rights activist - Direct Message @vegan.revolution

The Vegan Revolution Verses | Ebook

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