social pressure

We’re all faced with a lot of social pressure to fit in with what society sees as normal, and Veganism deeply challenges these societal norms. It’s easy to do the right things when it’s just you- no one’s there to judge you or question you, but as soon as you leave your own space, you’re faced with all the ingrained traditions that cause harm to animals. So if you haven’t told people around you that you’re Vegan, you’ll be faced with many awkward situations when you refuse to partake in the world’s everyday mindless animal abuse. That’s why it’s so important to explain to the people around you that you’ve made this decision. And if you go to events, don’t shy away from telling the organisers about it. Talking about it is the only way to avoid embarrassing, uncomfortable situations. And be proud and fearless about it- don’t ever feel like you’re being an inconvenience just because you don’t want to have animal abuse as part of your lifestyle in a society where that’s still considered normal. It’s not your burden. Most of the time, other people won’t care that you’re Vegan. There’ll be a few defensive, sarcastic comments, coming from a place of ignorance and fear. But you can take these situations as an opportunity to be a shining example and reassure them.