vegan starter kit

how to become vegan

Veganism isn't about being perfect. While switching to a plant-based, Vegan diet and lifestyle, you will make many mistakes and face many challenges. But rather than seeing Veganism as a burden, see it as an adventure; it is a journey of discovery full of surprises, filled with every kind of emotion. Veganism isn't so much an end goal, but a process, of learning how to question our traditions and habits, and finding practical ways to progress based on what we learn.

The process is very simple. Once a connection is made, we can choose to move towards living a more compassionate life. It's difficult for us to face the shame and pain of realising we've made mistakes, but don't let this discourage you. Every moment we have the chance to become something new. Once our mindset changes, so do our actions.


In order to change, we must have a reason that will motivate us to overcome the obstacles that come from changing habits. 

With unclear motivations, it's easy to allow social pressures to discourage us.

Some people are motivated by fear, sadness and anger, while others come from a place of love, but both are powerful motivators.

Graphic footage, shocking information and health scares typically wake people up and force them to change, while inspiring friends, family and public figure are often much more gentle. Spend some time learning about the importance of Veganism.


Find some new meals and snacks you enjoy, and replace the foods you usually eat with Vegan alternatives. It's easiest to start with familiar foods, which just involve replacing one or two ingredients. 


Once you've found reliable meals and switched to a plant based diet, you can slowly research and consider other products you use and begin to replace them with Vegan alternatives. There are many Vegan cosmetic, household clothing products, and they're usually cheap and widely available. 


You will make many mistakes, but will learn and feel accomplishment in the obstacles you overcome.