Why is Veganism important?

Life is beautiful, it’s full of joy, adventures, love and amazing discoveries. But it’s also very fragile. Our minds are easily corrupted and manipulated, and in a hectic world full of social pressures, responsibilities and distraction, it’s easy for us to become careless. If we’re not mindful of the consequences our actions have, we will end up causing suffering to both ourselves and others. Veganism is about stepping back from our cultural habits and traditions, and questioning what we do on a daily basis. In many ways our lifestyles are becoming more and more mindless and we’re becoming more and more disconnected. Veganism is the starting point to making rational connections, and taking action upon what we discover. Through enough self-inquiry, research and empowerment, we can free ourselves from our fear and choose to act from a place love and respect.

Veganism is not an end goal, but more of a process and a journey. It’s about uncovering the truth, and then always striving to do our best, based on the knowledge we have, at every moment.